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  • 19 Mar, 2021
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San Francisco

Out of the most beautiful cities in the USA San Francisco is the one. The city is located in California and is considered the cultural, financial, and commercial center in North California. San Francisco is the 16th most populous city in the USA and the 4th most populous city in California.  


How Many Visitors Visit San Francisco Every Year?

It was reported that in 2019 a total of 26.2 million visitors visited the city, San Francisco. It was calculated a 1.4 percent increment in the number of visitors as compared to the number of visitors who travelled to San Francisco in 2018. In 2018, 25.8 million visitors landed in San Francisco. In 2020, the trend of tourism in San Francisco was disturbed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. No domestic, as well as international tourism activities, were taken in 2020. However, with the recovery from the pandemic in 2021, it is expecting that tourism activities were resumed in San Francisco.  


Things That Make San Francisco The World’s Best Tourist Destination

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, the things that become the reason for San Francisco to be the world’s best tourist spot or tourism city are described here: 

Golden Gate Bridge: This Bridge is considered the icon of grace for California. For visitors who have the wish to visit or explore the USA, this bridge is on their must-to-do list. While watching the bridge in many movies it has also become a favorite spot for people who love photography. The bridge was completed in four years. It is almost two miles in length and considered the longest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge was opened for traveling in 1937.  

Alcatraz Island: Alcatraz Island in San Francisco is one of the USA’s infamous prisons. It was operated for almost 30 years. It was closed in 1963. However, it was reopened in 1973 as a tourist attraction. People who are familiar with this historical place never end their tour of San Francisco before exploding this. 

Chinatown: Chinatowns have been established in many countries. But, have you ever seen Chinatown of San Francisco? It is considered that the Chinatown by San Francisco is a whole other realm. It is considered as the oldest and the largest Chinatown out of Asia. If you have the wish to visit Chinatown then you are recommended to visit it during or near Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year celebration.  

Palace Of Fine Arts: It is considered one of the oldest or historical places in San Francisco. People who love fine arts must add this place as their tourist spot before landed in San Francisco. You will find the beautiful structure, the clear water with ducks, and greenery around the water, and a calming area. The Palace is restored and today exhibitions and different performances are hosted in this Palace of Fine Arts.   

Museum Of Modern Art: In San Francisco, you can find many museums. However, out of the top museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is one. You will find 170,000 square feet area for the exhibition that spread across 10 floors. The 20th-century arts are the main focus of the museum. The permanent collection of the museum consists of 33,000 pieces. People who love modern arts, it is the best place for them.

Twin Peaks: People who want to explore natural wonders and want to have a birds-eye view of the city, San Francisco, this is the best place for them. These are two uninhabited hills with more than 900 feet in height. 


What Is The Best Time To Visit San Francisco?

People who are going to visit San Francisco are advised to avoid travelling during the peak tourist season and also keep in mind the weather conditions before booking your tour to San Francisco. Those tourists who are going for the first time and have no idea that what is the best time to visit, here we offer them the complete idea that what is the best time to travel to San Francisco:

San Francisco High Travel Season: From mid-May to early September the travel season is at its peak. You can explore many things and can celebrate many events during this season.

San Francisco Shoulder Season: From March to May and from September to November the travel season is considered as shoulder season. You can make a comparatively cheap tour as compared to the tours from the high travel season.

San Francisco Low Season: From December To February the tourism activities are less in San Francisco. This season is usually the winter season and people do not visit this time.   


Covid-19 Updates In San Francisco

The following chart is showing the Covid-19 updates in California:

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