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  • 19 Mar, 2021
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New York City

With the 8.419 million population, New York is considered one of the largest and most populous cities in the world. With its famous sites or places, New York is always a whirlwind of activity. Because of plenty of tourist spots at every turn, it may be difficult for you to have a look at all of the spots. Visitors do not only come from the USA but throughout the world, visitors come to explore this wonderful city. People come for several reasons. For example, some people visit New York City to attempt Broadway shows, some go to get wonderful shopping and dine experiences, and some choose New York for exploring several sites in which Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and many other historical places ad museums are included.


How Many Visitors Visit New York Every Year

According to the NYC and Company report generated in 2019, it was calculated that NYC tourism hit a high record. Almost 6.66 million individual trips were counted. Because of this rate of tourism, almost $47.4 billion revenue was generated. However, the tourism rate in New York City was dropped to 22.9 million which was a decrement of 66%. New York City is not expecting to reach the pre-pandemic numbers of visitors until 2025, reported by NYC and Co.


Places To Explore In The New York City

The following are the major tourist spots in New York City that are the main reasons to call New York the best tourist’s attraction not only in the USA but throughout the world:

Statue Of Liberty: The statue of liberty is the most iconic sight of America. This is at the top of the visitors’ tours list. From the base to the torch, the statue is 152 feet tall. The approximate weight of this statue is calculated to 450,000 pounds. The best view of the statue can be obtained from Battery Park. However, another way to get a close view is to take a short boat trip to Liberty Island.

Central Park: Another must-do thing by most of the visitors is to walk through the crisscrossing pathways of Central Park. In winter you can get the opportunity to slide across the Wollman Rink. This is half-mile wide and 2.5 miles long park is one of the reasons that make New York City a livable and beautiful city.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art: This museum was found in 1870 and is considered one of the most famous museums in the USA. Visitors who come from other states or even from other countries must add this museum to their list of tourist spots in New York City.

Broadway And The Theater Districts: Among the top things to do while visiting New York City, attending the Broadway shows is the major one. This is the place that offers the latest shows and the long-running classics to see. Here is a tip for you that for the famous shows you have to buy the tickets in advance. Otherwise, you may miss your favorite shows.  

Brooklyn Bridge: With its suspension cables and gothic-shaped arches, the Brooklyn Bridge is known as one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city. The bridge is an inspiration for the generations of poets, painters, and songwriters. It was the worlds’ first steel suspension bridge that was established in 1883.   


What Is The Best Time To Visit New York City

The travel advisors recommend that the best time to visit New York City is from April to June or from November to December. April to June is a spring season during which you will find fine weather and the number of visitors is fewer than usual. Moreover, from November to December the city is in its best festive mode because of Christmas and New Year. The following chart is further showing you the best time to visit New York for several purposes:

Mode Of Tour

Best Time To Visit 

For Sightseeing

April, May, June, September, October

For Backpackers 

September, October, January, February, March

For Honeymoon

April, May, June, September, October

For Festivals

April, July, November, December


Covid-19 Updates In The New York City

Through the following chart we can easily get the current Covid-19 updates in New York City:

Coronavirus Cases 







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