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  • 19 Mar, 2021
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London is the capital city of England or The United Kingdom. The city is replete with many beautiful places that come under the top tourist destinations not only in England but throughout the world. Here we have offered the complete idea that what is the best time to visit London and what are the places you have to add to your to-do list while exploring London.


How Many Visitors Visit London Every Year?

It is reported that almost 40.857 million tourists visited London in 2019. Every year the number of tourists is increasing. However, it was also calculated that London made a record of the high number of tourists in 2017 when 41.080 tourists were registered to London. In 2020, the trend of tourism got disrupted to a large extent. However, with the recovery from the pandemic, the tourism industry is also getting restored. It is expected that in 2021 the tourism activities will be normal.  


The Best Places To explore In London 

If you have decided to explore London in 2021 and you haven’t made the list of the major tourist attractions yet, then you are offered the best ideas regarding the best tourist attractions in London. You are recommended to add these places to your list and you will have a wonderful travelling experience in London:

Kew Gardens: Do you love to explore outdoor spaces? Well, you are informed that Kew Garden is then the best option for you. This is a huge outdoor space that is comprised of 330 acres at Royal Botanic Gardens Crew. This is the most beautiful as well as a peaceful place and you can find a variety of plants in this garden.  

Emirates Airline Cable Car: Nothing is amazing than gliding high above the Thames river through the Emirates Airline cable car. You can get a stunning view of the city. The cable cars are departed after every 10 seconds. In both the day and the nighttime, the view is amazing and stunning.  

Shakespeare’s Globe Guided Tour: Those who are literature lovers as well as want to explore historical places, the Shakespearean Globe Guide Tour is the best activity for them to do. You will find the reconstruction of the original playhouse that was located on the south bank of the River Thames about 400 years ago.     

The London Eye: Who is not familiar with the London Eye? Obviously, everyone knows the London Eye because of the movies and stories. This eye offers visitors a beautiful and stunning view of the city. Once you will go through this adventure you will forget all the other adventures you have done in your life.  

London Sea Life: Do you love to see sea life and want to have some appropriate knowledge about sea life? Well, you are recommended that London Sea Life is the best place for you. London Sea Life offers visitors to see 400 species in which moray eels, sharks, crown fish, and stingrays are included. Besides them, you can also find some other stunning sea creatures.


What Is The Best Time To Visit London?

Fluctuations in the weather, crowded tourist spots, different festivals, and many other aspects can affect your tour of London. So, the question is that when to visit London for having a memorable time or wonderful travelling experience? Well, here we have discussed the tourism season in London that are finalized by the experts based on their tourism experience:

High Season For Tourism: Form May to mid-September the tourism on its peak. This is the summer season during which the weather is warmed and children are off from school. This is the reason that most of the tourists plan their tours in the summer season. But, the hotel booking is almost closed and you may get all the tourism facilities with extra charges during this season.

Shoulder Season For Tourism: From Mid-September to November and March to April there are the shoulder seasons for tourism in London. This is the spring season and you can get beautiful and amazing weather. Moreover, tourism is not at its peak and comparatively, you can get cheap tour packages during these seasons.

Low Season For Tourism: Between January and February the winter season runs and the tourism activities are quite less during this season. However, some winter lovers move to London during this season. But, people with children and people who do not want to face the cold temperature do not like to visit London in the winter season.   


Covid-19 Updates In London:  

Through the following chart you can get the details of theCovid-19 updates in The England:

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