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  • 27 Apr, 2021
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While making a list of the worlds’ top tourist destinations, no one can forget to mark the USA. The USA had always been a favorite destination by many traveling fonder. The US is a North American country with 50 states. Washington DC is the capital of the U.S. The USA offers amazing experiences in every aspect of life. If you are going as a visitor you will get amazing places to make wonderful and long-lasting life memories. If you are moving to the USA for higher education then you can get exceptional study experience. Moreover, if you are moving to the USA for residence then you can get life-changing experiences there.


How Many People Visit The US Every Year

The statistics have shown that every year almost 79.6 million international visitors landed in the US. International visitors come to spend vacations there mostly. However, some are comprised of international students, business professionals, and some others. However, for promoting the tourism industry the new strategies and progress are making by the government of the US. The tourism industry contributes a lot to the US economy. It is calculated that both international and domestic tourisms are collectively contributing over $1.1 trillion to the US GDP every year.    


Things That Make The US A Best Destination

The following are the things or the tourists'’ spots in the US that allow us to call the US the world’s top tourist destination:

Grand Canyon National Park: It is the destination or tourist attraction in the USA that has been attracting visitors for generations. Canyon walls to an endless horizon and unfathomable depth are the things that add beauty and charm of this destination.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas is known as a glittering city of lights that holds a unique appeal. The city has been attracting visitors for decades. A lot of wonderful things are waiting for you to add the adventurous experiences to your life. 

Waikiki: Out of the Americas’ top beaching destination, Waikiki is the one. on a beautiful tropical island, the destination comes with all comforts of North America.  

Miami: Miami is considered as more than just a great beaching point in the USA. All over Florida, we can find wonderful beaches but the atmosphere that can be found in Miami, nowhere else you can find it.

Savannah: It is a small city located in the Southern areas. You can find huge moss-covered trees with beautiful parks. Moreover, lovely waterfront areas along with unique shops and candy stores in historic buildings all add beauty of the city.


What Is The Best Time To Visit The US

The US is a massive country with so many beautiful cities, two long coasts, and large canyons, etc. All these places are the reasons behind tourism. Because it is a huge country so, this is the reason, that the weather conditions are different from place to place. However, those who are under suspicion that what is the best time to visit the USA for earning the pleasures and charms here we have offered some helpful ideas for them.

November To March

From November to March the winter season reigns in the northern half of the country. The temperature drops below the freezing point. However, during this season the southern areas of America are a pretty good option to visit especially when if you are looking for indoor activities in the cities.

April To July

Between April and July, there is a spring season. No doubt, this is the best time to visit the USA. This is the best time to visit the national parks. Snow melts during this season which allows wildlife to come out. Moreover, you can also take part in many outdoor activities during this season.   

July To August

If you are looking to attend several famous festivals in the USA then you have to book your trip in the summer season. Yes! From July to August summer season rules there in the USA. Out of the grandest spectacles in the world, the 4th of July celebration in the USA is the one. Moreover, if you are interested to explore the sites like Grand Canyon then summer is again a good option for you.

September To October

From September to October we find the autumn season which is somehow cold season. The tourism reduced during this season. However, those who love to enjoy the coldness of autumn season they travel during this season.


Covid-19 Updates In The US

The Following chart is showing the Covid-19 updates in the USA:

Coronavirus Cases  4,212,645
Deaths  35,608  
Recovered 3,643,734
Active Cases 533,303
Closed Cases  3,679,342


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