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How Turkey Has Unveiled COVID-19 Vaccination Programme For Travel Industry

  • 21 Apr, 2021

For tourism workers, Turkey launches a covid-19 vaccination campaign. The vaccine is launched in collaboration with the ministry of health, the ministry of culture and tourism, and the agency for the Promotion And Development Of Tourism of Turkey, TGA.

The launch of the vaccination campaign is a part of the Safe Tourism Certification Program. The program has been launched to welcome international travelers from across the world for the coming tourist season. This initiative is a hope to ensure the health and safety of the workers, linked with tourism, as well as the local population of the country.


The Implementations For This Program 

The Safe Tourism Certification Program was launched in June 2020. The basic aim of offering such a program is to ensure the safety of the tourists. In order to complete or regulate this program, Turkey had offered some serious health and safety guidelines and, at the same time, all the necessary measures have also been taken to ensure safety. At the beginning of the tourist season, it has been decided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to include travel employees in the vaccination program. This decision has been taken to keep the tourism remain open throughout the year.

A vaccination program is conducting or implementing in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Health. For this campaign, the selected tourism employees included employees of restaurants, employees of accommodation facilities, tourist guides, and travel agents, etc. 



Employees Registration Platform

A tourist facilities platform has also been launched in accordance with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Through this platform, tourist facilities can register their employees for vaccination. All the main players in the tourism industry including restaurants, accommodation facilities, vehicles used for transfers ad tours, and tourist guides, etc. will be covered through this platform. The official representatives of the tourist facilities can register their current employees.


Tourism Trend In Turkey

In combating against Covid-19, the efforts are done by Turkey and the precautionary measures taken by Turkey all have made the country the safest tourist destination in the world. This is the reason that Turkey is going to invest continuously in this program. Turkey was known as one of those countries that embraced protocol in which all hotels having more than 30 rooms were gratified to join. To date, the certification has been given to more than 8000 hotels.

Tourism plays a vital role in the economic growth of Turkey. Every year millions of tourists from across the world land in Turkey. In 2019, 45.06 million international tourists landed in Turkey. It generated a revenue of $34.5 billion. In 2020, the rate of international tourists decreased to 72% with the arrival of only 12 million visitors. However, Turkey has made a target to welcome 25 to 30 million tourists in 2021. This is the reason that Turkey is looking forward to taking all the necessary measures that will ensure safety and will enhance tourism activities throughout the country.

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Corona instructions

  • 12 Apr, 2021

To limit the introduction and spread of more contagious virus variants, persons entering Denmark will now be subject to mandatory testing and 10-day isolation. Read more on coronasmitte.dk.

Questions regarding entry to Denmark must be directed to the Danish Police. 

Questions regarding health-related issues and coronavirus/COVID-19 should be directed to the Danish Health Authority.

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